• Relax with your tasks

    Onlytasks tries to be as easy and intuitive as possible. It allows you to organize your tasks in notebooks and assign labels to give more options for organization

  • OS X

    Great integration with your OS X system:
    Send your tasks to iCal or Reminders, they will be always synchronized
    Link a folder of the Finder with your task, and open it from Onlytasks

  • iOS Universal

    Always have your tasks with you and don't care about remember them, Onlytasks will do it for you.

    Onlytasks for iOS is Universal, one buy, two programs: one for your iPad and one for your iPhone



Be informed whenever you want
in your Mac and your iOS device.


Keep your tasks updated between devices.


Create your recurrent tasks.


Tags & Notebooks

Sort your tasks in the more convenient way for you.


Advanced search options in OS X.
Easy search in iOS.

Status lists

Your tasks in a clear and precise way.


   Exclusively for OS X

Four Views

  • - Classic view.
  • - Status view.
  • - Calendar view.
  • - What you have done today.


Track the time of your tasks.

Summaries for task, selected tasks, Notebooks and Tags.


Manage your daily tasks in an easy and comfortable way

With Onlytasks you can relax and know that you will be promptly informed of your pending tasks, since you can assign alarms to alert you.
Onlytasks tries to be as easy and intuitive as possible.
Quite simply you can assign to your tasks a due date, a date and time if you want the system to alert you with an alarm, incorporate notes and also create recurring tasks.
Do not limit yourself to any specific task management system, with Onlytasks you can create your own notebooks structure to manage them or, if you prefer, you can create a structure of notebooks that allows you to follow your preferred management system, like GTD or others.

Status view